Vitalic [Live] - WakeUp Sundaze


Vitalic, the famous French DJ and producer known by his stage name, blends electronic music elements from electro, techno, house, as well as classical, rock, italo-disco, and the electronic music of the 70s. He constantly rediscovers himself, infusing different shades of electronic music with his high energy. With his alter ego "Dima," he has attracted attention over the years with remixes of tracks by globally acclaimed artists such as Daft Punk, Björk, Royksopp, Paul Kalkbrenner, among many other DJs, producers, and musicians. Through a snippet from his interview with Mixmag, we gain insight into his perspective on music and its essence: "You can recognize my sound in all the productions I create, but fundamentally, they each carry very different qualities. As for the reason behind this, I am not just a producer making music for people to dance. I feel the need to tell stories through my music; I find many inspirations in transformation and change. I simply follow my instincts and things I enjoy, and they naturally evolve over time."