Santi & Tuğçe (LIVE) - WakeUp Sundaze

WakeUpSundaze: Let's Make Every Sunday a Sundaze Adventure 

About the venue:

Atakule, the one & only landmark of Ankara, meets its audience with a unique terrace experience. Atakule Terrace carries the distinction of being the only event venue where you can enjoy an extraordinary music experience while witnessing the unique view of Ankara.

About the event:

Exclusive wine tastings, new media exhibitions, workshops, and various activities await you at the event!

About the line-up:

Santi & Tugce:

It's clear that monotonous narratives no longer work in today's world of change and chaos. We need new stories to fill this void, connect with a common vision, and inspire us. Santi and Tuğçe are here to bring brand-new legends to the present day through music, a language that speaks directly to the heart.

Santi (from Asunción, Paraguay) and Tuğçe (from Istanbul, Turkey) have been travel companions and music partners for over a decade. After living in the United States for many years, they moved to Berlin. Both brought together a vibrant mosaic of inspiration and ideas from around the world: emotional melodies, colorful instrumentation, otherworldly harmonies, and surgically designed dance floor rhythms. They have performed at major electronic and world music festivals, clubs, and concert halls in Europe, Asia, North, and South America, receiving widespread acclaim worldwide.

Gerçek Dorman

Gerçek Dorman is a rhythm and music lover, professional musician, educator, and sound designer, performing live shows with Ableton Live, playing Hangdrum, Santur, and traditional Turkish percussion. In addition to being a master drummer and percussionist, he is an expert sound designer.

He holds Electronic Music Production and Sound Design certificates from Berklee College of Music Online. He has been playing drums and percussion since 1996 and has worked with many world-renowned drummers during this time. He is the author of Turkey's most comprehensive drum book, "D52 Drum Method - Basic Drum Lessons in 52 Weeks." In 2019, he founded BeatMakers Academy, where he teaches Music Production and Composition courses. He is currently the sound designer and product manager for SynthMaster, SynthMaster iOS, and SynthMaster One synthesizers at KV331 Audio software company.

Dolce Jazz

Founded in Ankara in 2011, Dolce Jazz Vocal Group interprets a wide range of genres from jazz standards to flamenco and musical theater, performing polyphonic arrangements of various works accompanied by an orchestra. Dolce presents its extensive repertoire, ranging from 1940s Andrew Sisters songs to the group members' arrangements, jazz, gospel, and musicals, accompanied by choreography in their performances.

Çağlar Kurt

Between 2004 and 2010, Çağlar KURT, who played as a guest and resident DJ at leading electronic clubs in Ankara such as Faces, Saklıkent, and Smood, served as the director of the Electronic Sessions program on Radio Vizyon 93 Frequency.

While his sets were broadcasted on radio stations such as friskyradio and purefm, he has performed alongside producer DJs like Bobby Deep, Simon Shaker, Cure-Shot, 7-Erhan, U.F.U.K, and Ahmet Şendil.


Age Limit: The event is only open to individuals aged 18 and above. Participants under 18 will not be admitted.

Epileptic Condition Advisory: The event may include flashing lights and stimuli that could trigger epileptic seizures. Consult a doctor before attending if you or someone in your household has an epileptic condition. Symptoms such as dizziness, altered vision, twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, or convulsions are reasons to avoid attending.

Prohibited Items: Food and drink tools, flammable and explosive substances, plastic bottles, cans, prohibited substances, open cigarette packs, inflammable cutters, piercings, laser pointers, and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.

Participant Behavior: The Promoter reserves the right to remove participants from the event without refund if their behavior disrupts the peace of others or harms the event.

Security Measures: All ticket holders are subject to security measures, including searches of clothes and bags as determined by the organizer and security team. Non-compliance will result in denial of entry, with no ticket refunds.

Ticket Responsibility: Participants bear responsibility for tickets purchased from channels other than Biletino and Ticket Sales Points.

Right to Refusal: The Promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to unsuitable individuals.

  • Media Consent: Participants entering the event area agree that videos and photos taken by the Promoter can be publicly used through all channels.
  • Changes to Event: The Promoter reserves the right to modify event hours, content, and artists.