WakeUp Music & Arts Premiere

Our mission is to revolutionize the electronic music industry through an immersive and cutting-edge collective audiovisual experience. By uniting artists, musicians, and technologists, we aim to disrupt traditional boundaries, pushing the limits of creativity and innovation. Wake Up Music & Arts celebrates the fusion of electronic music and visual arts, creating a space where participants can explore new dimensions of expression and connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a community dedicated to shaping the future of sound and visuals.

Let's meet at August 25th at the Premiere of Wake Up Music & Arts. 

Kerala Dust

You may know Kerala Dust from their widely acclaimed EPs, such as The Chain, Nevada, Motions & Maria. Their album, 'Violet Drive', is influenced by their surroundings, combining electronic music, blues, and Americana. During recording in the Alps, the songs were built from the drums up. The music videos for the album were shot in Berlin and beyond, and the album reflects a new sense of interconnectedness in a post-Brexit world. It explores the history of Berlin and Europe, and challenges perceptions of British and European history. Kerala Dust is defined by the duality of nostalgia and looking towards the future.





Cocoa Ceremony by Esra Köroğlu

Somatic Movement by Esra Köroğlu

Art Therapy

Body Painting

Dynamic Meditation by Alessandro Mizii

Sound Healing by Hazal Kaya

Special Sessions


Ecstatic Dance by Alessandro Mizii

Ceramic Design by Odd Ceramic


Antique Fair by Faust Coffee

Yu-yi Design

Nasty Design

Wake Up Music & Arts Merch


Therapeutic Playback Theater Workshop

Agape to Eros: Love and Games Theatre

Sustainable Wine Bottles Workshop by Artgasmbrush

Cup-art by Refresh

Visual Artists:

Alp Yüksel

Alper Akdağ

Ecem Dilan Köse


In cooperation with Linda.


Age Limit: The event is only open to individuals aged 18 and above. Participants under 18 will not be admitted.Epileptic Condition Advisory: The event may include flashing lights and stimuli that could trigger epileptic seizures. Consult a doctor before attending if you or someone in your household has an epileptic condition. Symptoms such as dizziness, altered vision, twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, or convulsions are reasons to avoid attending.Prohibited Items: Food and drink tools, flammable and explosive substances, plastic bottles, cans, prohibited substances, open cigarette packs, inflammable cutters, piercings, laser pointers, and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.Re-Entry Policy: Participants who enter the event area and then leave will need to purchase new tickets if they wish to re-enter.Participant Behavior: The Promoter reserves the right to remove participants from the event without refund if their behavior disrupts the peace of others or harms the event.Security Measures: All ticket holders are subject to security measures, including searches of clothes and bags as determined by the organizer and security team. Non-compliance will result in denial of entry, with no ticket refunds.

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